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Ex-500 diesel electric plug-in hybrid

EX-500 Range Extending Semi-Trailer

Exogy's EX-500 semi-trailer enables your electric fleet to run missions of up to 750 miles by extending your e-truck's range by 500 miles. Powered by conventional diesel fuel, Exogy's Plug-In hybrid solution provides the same operational flexibility as conventional diesel trucks while considerably reducing semi-trailer truck operating costs and greenhouse gas emissions.

Commercially available battery electric heavy-duty trucks have a current maximum range of 250 miles which limits operation to last mile missions. Exogy's semi-trailer extends the range of battery electric truck by allowing fleets to operate on electric grid power on their first trip segment while using the generator to extend the truck range when required.

Through a proprietary power conversion and transfer system, Exogy's provides a novel solution to the market, one that accelerates a transition toward a carbon neutral economical while creating significant economic benefit to fleet operators.

Exogy System
Exogy generator

Diesel Generator

Power conversion from diesel to electricity is performed by a state-of-the-art generator. This generator turns on only when the electric truck battery power level decrease below a percentage set by the operator. This prioritizes the use of grid electrical power over fossil fuel resulting in significant fuel saving. Robust and efficient, the generator requires minimal maintenance.

Exogy connector


To connect the generator to the electric truck's drive train, Exogy's is developing a power conversion and transfer system. This interface provides the driver controls and monitoring of the hybrid system.

Up to 750 mile range

Battery electric trucks scheduled for deliveries in 2022 have an average maximum range of 250 miles between charges. The EX-500 adds an additional 500 miles for a total truck and trailer range of 750 miles. Equipped with a 100 gallons diesel tank, the EX-500 can provide continuous power to the truck while in operation or recharge the truck battery in approximately 3 hours if stopped.

30% Fuel Cost Reduction

Exogy's solution enables electric trucks to operate on electric power on their first 250 miles while using the diesel generator to extend the truck range by an additional 500 miles. By leveraging the efficiency of an electric drive train and low cost from electric grid power, this plug-in hybrid solution can reduce a fleet fuel consumption by 30%.

Reduce 40% of emissions

By using clean grid electrical power, Exogy's plug-in hybrid solution can reduce your fleet greenhouse gas emission by up to 40 %. This can allow your company to secure significant financial assistance from governments, reduce your fleet exposure to diesel price fluctuation and enhance your corporate image.


Maximum Generator Power200kW
Tank Capacity100 gal.
EX-500 Range500 miles
Total Hybrid Range750 miles
Trailer TypeDry Van and Reefer
EX-500 System Weight3000 lbs.
  • *: All specifications are subject to change


The EX-500 is in early development. Production is scheduled to start in 2024. If your company is interested to try the Ex-500 before it's commercial deployment, Exogy is currently looking for partners for road trials.
Battery electric truck drive-train system are significantly more efficient than diesel drive trains. On average a diesel truck will complete 6.5 miles per gallon of diesel. As every gallon of diesel contains 39 kWh of energy, a diesel truck requires 6 kWh to complete one mile. Based on battery electric truck datasheet, an electric truck requires 2.5 kWh to complete one mile or about 60% less energy than a diesel truck. By leveraging the efficiency and low emission of a battery electric truck with a diesel generator optimize to run systematically at peak efficiency, the EX-500 reduces CO2 emission by 50 % on a 400 miles mission.
Through an electrical harness. This harness is similar to a conventional electric charging station harness. The electrical connector must be disconnected from the truck when the truck and trailer are unhitched.
Exogy is currently developing hardware to allow the EX-500 semi-trailer to work with all commercially available electric trucks.
Just like any conventional cars or trucks, the trailer is equipped with a diesel tank located behind the trailer landing gear.
Most battery electric trucks can be recharged with class 2 and 3 charging stations.
Yes, but with reduced performance. Accelerations will be slow and top speed will decrease significantly. Exogy recommends that the truck stops for at least 30 minutes to allow the diesel generator to recharge the battery.
Exogy is currently developing a dry van and refer trailer.